FabJob Guide to Become a Doula

Want to become a doula? I have the perfect book to help you start your new career. The FabJob.com Guide to Become a Doula is written to help those who want to become a doula, and those who are already doulas, but want more help building their business. The book covers birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and antepartum doulas. So no matter what kind of doula you want to be, the FabJob Guide to Become a Doula will have information for you.

I interviewed over 200 people — doulas, moms, childbirth educators, and various other experts — to give you the best advice, insider tips, and information you need to succeed as a doula.

Why do I care? Well, my first childbirth experience was, let’s say, less than ideal. (If you read the excerpt of The Doula Advantage at Amazon.com, you’ll read some of that story.) After that experience, I made it my mission of sorts to help other women have better experiences. Positive and empowering experiences.

Educating moms about doulas, and helping more women become doulas, is my way of increasing happiness and empowerment in the world. Want to join me?

When you become a doula — a well-trained, open minded, and empowering doula — you change the world, one family at a time. What better job could there be?

What People Are Saying About the FabJob Guide to Become a Doula

“I just ordered your guide to becoming a doula. Before I bought this book, I spent hours on the internet researching this career. Your book has been the MOST helpful resource I have found! I feel so much better about moving forward on this career path. Please let the author know how helpful it has been, and will continue to be, as I start my training as a doula.” — Jessica, St. Louis, MO

“Rachel has done an incredible job with this book – I am totally amazed at all the information she has covered. She tells you the mistakes others have made and then offers positive reinforcement on how to counter those mistakes and improve your chances of being hired. It is most helpful in getting started as a doula as well as a good companion to those who are already doulas and are looking for ways to enhance their business.” — Teresa Howard, CD; Atlanta, Georgia

“I received a recommendation for the FabJob Guide to Become a Doula. Boy, did I wish someone would have recommended this book when I was just beginning to research becoming a doula. This book answered every question I was looking for.” — Kim Howard, CLD, CCCE; Labor’s Little Helper

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