The Doula Advantage

What’s a Doula?

I’m glad you asked. A doula is simply a woman who provides emotional, physical, and informational support to an expectant, laboring, or new mother.

Did you catch all that? 🙂

Where Can I Learn More About Doulas?

You’re just asking all the right questions today! Well, are you a new-mom-to-be? Then, The Doula Advantage: Your Complete Guide to Having an Empowered and Positive Birth with the Help of a Professional Childbirth Assistant is the book you want.

In The Doula Advantage, I clearly explain exactly how a doula can help you have a more positive and more empowering childbirth experience. (Being a mom who had quite the opposite at least once, I know what I’m talking about here. More about this later…)

You’ll also learn…

  • Where to find a doula and how to hire one, what you can expect to pay, and how to possibly find a doula for free, or close to free.
  • How doulas work with dads, helping them provide support to the laboring mother in an effective way, and to a degree that is comfortable for them.
  • About special doulas who can help high-risk moms have an easier pregnancy, called antepartum doulas.
  • And, about postpartum doulas — these are doulas who help moms after childbirth at home.
  • About the research on doulas, which shows how doulas not only improve the emotional outcome for the mother, but also how doulas improve the relationship between the mother and father, and increase positive health outcomes for both the newborn and the new mother.

Well, Can I Read Some of Your Book Now?

Of course you can. 🙂’s Search Inside™ feature allows you to look at the front and back cover, browse the Table of Contents and the index, and read an excerpt from the book.

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Happy reading, and happy birthing!

What People Are Saying About The Doula Advantage

“Doulas really do make a difference in having a safe and satisfying birth, as you will learn in this book.” – William Sears, M.D., coauthor, The Baby Book

“Comprehensive, thought-provoking, and highly moving. . . . A must read for any woman thinking of using the services of a doula.” — Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

“As a childbirth professional since 1989, I would highly recommend The Doula Advantage to anyone considering using a doula or becoming one. The book is well written, easy to read, and includes an excellent list of resources for doulas and families.” – Tracy Wilson Peters, ICCE, CLD, CLE; CAPPA Founder and Executive Director

“I am a student in anthropology studying Chinese birthing practices among the diaspora of Montreal, and I found this book by accident while browsing the pregnancy section of a local bookstore. I couldn’t put it down so I bought it, and then stayed up all night reading it cover to cover. It is concise, engaging, and written for a wide audience, which gets the message out: doulas are good for ALL types of labors from cesarean sections to nonmedicated [sic] homebirths and everything inbetween [sic]. She gives accounts of mothers, fathers, doulas and health providers to present a clear picture of what a doula can do for everyone involved in the prenatal, labor and postnatal experience. It is empowering to women and their partners without being overly philosophical or “corney” [sic] (to quote the author herself). It is an honest look at birth in the North American setting of today, that takes into account the history of birth in the US and Canada and is frank about the situation today in hospitals and out… . I recommend this book instead of The Doula Book, for expecting mothers and fathers, people considering becoming doulas (I am seriously considering it after reading this book), and anyone who wants a clear picture of what a doula is.” – Reviewer “buhuiming”

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